Childcare Subsidies.

The cost of childcare often represents a significant portion of an employee’s take-home pay. This is especially true for those with lower incomes. FEEA Childcare Services, Inc., an independent, Virginia-based small business, partners with nearly twenty federal agencies to administer Congressionally-authorized childcare subsidy programs.

The law, enacted in 2001, confers regulatory authority on OPM for agencies’ use of appropriated funds for childcare costs for lower-income Federal employees.

Current Participating Agencies:

Click your Agency name below for specific program details.

Employee Eligibility:

See the agency flyers/websites linked above for individual agency rules.

Required Application Materials:

  • Childcare Subsidy Application Form (OPM 1643)
  • Childcare Provider Information Form (OPM 1644)
  • Employee’s most recent Standard Form 50 (notice of personnel action)
  • Two most recent pay statements for each parent or guardian (in household)
  • A copy of the most recent Federal Income Tax Return for each parent or guardian (in household)
  • A copy of the childcare provider’s current license or state of compliance with State and/or local child care regulations.
  • A copy of the provider’s fee schedule.
  • A completed IRS Form W-9 from the provider.
  • Some agencies require an additional application form, please check the agency flyers/websites linked above for more information.

How to Apply:

Please submit your application using our secure online form. You will need all of the documents listed above, saved as PDFs, in order to successfully complete and submit your application.

Subsidy Amounts:

See the agency flyers/websites linked in the “Current Participating Agencies” section for individual agency income limits and subsidy scales. Childcare providers are paid directly, after receipt and approval of the prior month’s invoice, by Automatic Clearing House (ACH) electronic payments from FCCS.

Invoices and Changes:

Please email your monthly invoice to

If your childcare provider changes you will need to submit a new OPM1644 with the new information, as well as the new provider’s rate sheet and a copy of their license. If other information changes, like your address or if you have another child who will be entering care, you will need to submit a new OPM1643 and OPM1644. Please complete the forms and upload them using the Childcare Updates Form.